This healing method was developed by Englishman Edward Bach (1886 - 1936). He discovered that some mental states are comparable with certain flowers and plants. Therefore some negative emotional states can be influenced favorably with the Bach flowers remedies.

 Due to the sensory overload that does not only affect children, but also adults, our emotional balance is often out of control. External and internal environments are disturbing the harmony and we become out of balance. If we are no longer able to compensate for these faults, it does not only result in emotional discomforts, but often even psychosomatic illnesses such as heart, circulatory or skin disorders.

Through their energetic vibrations Bach flowers restore the balance on a psychological and physical level. They help to solve energetic and emotional blockades and thus prevent disease. Dr. Bach speaks of negative emotional states, which are balanced by the flowers again.

 Bach flower remedies are based on the homeopathic principle and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.


 In total there are 38 flowers. Edward Bach divided his remedies into 7 groups.



·  Fears

·  Uncertainty

·  Contemporary alienation

·  Loneliness

·  Hypersensitivity

·  Despondency or despair

·  Oversized concerns


The selection of the necessary  flowers for the patient is determined in a conversation that lasts about 45 minutes. The drops are mixed on site and can now be dropped onto the tongue. The dosage and duration of use is determined individually.

The Bach Flowers became famous through the "Rescue Remedy". It is also available as an ointment, and now every pharmacy carries even the Rescue Remedy candy.

Even though the Bach Flowers are a perfect venue to restore emotional and energetic balances, you need to know, however: The Bach flower essences (including Rescue Remedy), are no replacement for medicines for acute diseases. In this case visiting a doctor is required.


In the treatment we use only  the high-quality and original Bach Flower Remedies : BACH FLOWER REMEDIES ® ORIGINAL NELSON. If you already know what you need and would just like to pick up a 30 ml bottle with your personal mixture, we can do this for you as well. 


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