Anti – Cellulite treatment

 with Schüssler Salts



During the anti-cellulite treatment the lymph system is stimulated by gentle brushing with the hands. Due to this motion the accumulation of fluid is then  transported quicker to the large lymph nodes.

After the lymphatic treatment legs, abdomen and buttocks are brushed vigorously with a natural bristle brush to promote circulation.


After the legs are warmed a wrap is applied. Upon request, we can use cell salts, base wrap or seaweed wrap. The Schüssler salts or base salt helps the body and muscles to rid itself of pollutants through the pores. It detoxifies, slag is removed, the immune system is strengthened. The connective tissue is again firmer, the skin more elastic and after several treatments, the cellulite often disappeares.


The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology reported on a study by the University of Ankara, to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of three different noninvasive treatment techniques onfat mass and regional fat thickness of the patients with cellulites. It shows that massage, lymphatic drainage or tissue manipulation reduced this unloved orange peel skin. The greatest effect on buttocks, legs, and even belly, were achieved through the "manipulation" of the connective tissue.


You can find the article here


When is it recommended to apply the lymph drainage with wrap?


  • Cellulite, sagging skin
  • edema
  • swollen legs
  • skin with poor circulation
  • Elimination of pollutants
  • weight reduction
  • Neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema
  • Neutralizing and remineralization
  • Stress Relief