Lomi Lomi is a massage technique of the Polynesian Islands, which was passed down through generations.In the Hawaiian language Lomi means to "press, delete, knead". Even though Polynesian, the Lomi Lomi Nui relaxation massage is based on the Huna philosophy of Hawaii.The people of Hawaii have a deep knowledge of the energies of nature and the complexity of the human body and the soul.


Long, flowing massage movements, sometimes performed with the forearm, alternate with gentle joint relaxation and energy work. This type of devotion and touch combined with a warm massage oil produces Mana, in the Polynesian language the source of strength and healing.

For the Lomi massage we use a blend of high-quality macadamia and coconut oils. This massage is performed with lots of body contact and you are required to bring a stringslip. After the massage you are required to rest at least another 15 minutes. Give your body the chance to soak up the oils as it will leave your skin smooth and nurtured.

One treatment lasts about 90 minutes of complete rest and relaxation.