Rose Quartz Massage ®

with warm oils and hot stones

by Torsten Sachse


The rose quartz is the stone of love and heart

In crystal healing the  rose quartz is "the" stone when it comes to harmony and romance, love and empathy skills. In addition, it rejunevates our imagination, stimulates our senses, our productivity and creative thinking. Vitality and self confidence become greater through the intensity of this stone and let our minds be free again for new things. The Rose Quartz has the effect of harmonizing and balancing. It gives us energy for the body and mind. It is said that the quartz is particularly good for stress-related headaches and migraines. Physically it stimulates the tissue blood flow, regenerates and promotes cell growth and makes the skin smooth and rosy!

When the rose quartz is also massaged with wonderful fragrant rose oil, you feel abducted into the realm of the senses ... Through empathetic massage on the feet, neck, head and face the rose quartz massage is comforting, reassuring and provides security. Gentle holding of specific acupressure points on the meridians and Zen lines calms the nervous system. Tensions can dissolve.

A Rose Quartz Massage - 30 min

Decollté, head and face, where the rose quartz has the most intense effect. It is "the" stone of the heart and can include headache and migraine relieving.

 Rose Quartz Massage - 60 min

In this treatment, at the beginning of the massage the feet will be massaged carefully and thoroughly. This reflex can relax the spine and internal organs.

 Rose Quartz Massage - Full Body Treatment - 90 min

A wonderful massage - Choreography on the entire body. Several warm rose quartz stones are used. In its field of action, the focus is on the:


  • Relaxation
  • Decramping, and relief of muscles and joints , revitalizing
  • Harmonization of the entire organ system
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Protective effect for heart and heart valves can be attributed to it.


Rose quartz gives vitality and fertility. Furthermore, this should stimulate the metabolism.