Aromatherapy massages with high-quality essential oils

 The aromatherapy massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment, through which   the muscle tension is released, the blood circulation is cranked up and the metabolism is activated. High-quality essential oils stimulate the entire blood and lymph circulation. You may choose the oils you prefer or if you prefer, we will assist you to find something suitable for you.


 Through the use of oils the muscular system is supplied with fresh blood and oxygen. With gentle handling techniques of traditional massage, you  will feel relaxed  and refreshed .






Olive Oil:




Is most commonly used for sore muscles, cramps, blisters and pain of all kinds as well as simply for relaxation. Olive oil is one of the most effective agents for stimulating muscle activity and mucous membranes. It loosens hardening and heats the muscle, so it is highly recommended to all rheumatic patients for internal and external use.


St. John's Wort Oil  (Red Oil):

 If you suffer from joint and muscle pain an in-depth treatment with St. John's Wort Oil can ease the pain. It also helps with mood swings and depression and it is commonly used  to overcome the winter blues. It is also often used for clients to overcome  PMS.

Grape Seed Oil:

In addition to the properties of aromatherapy massage cold pressed grape seed oil has excellent skin-care properties. It clearifys and purifies the skin leaving the pores smoother as the tissue is regenerated. The seeds contain polyphenol and are considered to be one of the most important discoveries in recent years for a very effective skin care. Namely polyphenol is considered to be much more effective against free radicals than vitamin E even.

 If you care to  pre-order we also have customized massage oils available for you. You may choose your own blend or ask for recommandation

A treatment lasts between 30-90 minutes as you request.


We will also mix your oils for you to take with you. Please ask for a quote.