The mobile Chi-Massage (chair massage) is a timely massage technique that is a combination of far-eastern body therapies. It is an effective Anti-Stress method.  This massage is carried out with the patient’s clothes on. No oils or creams are involved. This makes it possible to offer this massage also in offices, at fairs or during events.  The massage is given on a massage chair that was specifically developed for this purpose.

Through the efficient series of pressure and handling techniques – many from the Shiatsu – a deep, regenerating, relaxing state of mind can be accomplished within just 10 minutes.  It is then followed with conscious, steady-flowing, gentle touches. Of course, if you do not prefer the CHI-Massage, a regular shoulder-neck massage can be carried out comfortably on the massage chair just as well.  If so desired by the patient, this massage can be done with oil.

With the mobile massage it is also possible to receive a massage for patients that are not able to have a classic massage lying on a massage table.

The Mobile-Chi-Massage (Chair massage) is used in the therapist’s office, but is also available to come to your office, company or event.

The mobile massage makes it possible for you to book us for the whole day or on an hourly basis. This way your employees may take turns to receive a 10 minute or more massage that leaves them feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle their work refreshed. 

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Q: What is a "local" Chi Massage?

A: An intensive short massage (available in lengths of 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes) which is performed on a specially designed ergonomic massage chair. This massage targets the key areas of the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands to reduce stress.


Q: Do I take my clothes off?

A: No, usually the client is clothed. This massage is designed specifically for companies, offices and events. Only your glasses must be removed. However, you are free to take of jackets, ties and sweaters to your discretion.


Q: How much space do I need for the "Local" Chi Massage?

A: Chi Massage requires very little space and can be performed on an area of 2x2m.


Q: Which oils are used in this Massage used?

A: None. This is a massage without oil, so they can be performed directly in the workplace.


Q: What techniques include the Mobile Chi Massage?

A: A combination of Swedish massage, acupressure and Shiatsu. Other techniques may be incorporated.


Q: What about hygiene?

A: We use anti-bacterial spray or wipes to disinfect the massage chair after each and every client. Particular attention is of course the head, the chest support and the armrests. Furthermore, naturally also the hands are disinfected after each client.


Q: What is the difference in a 5, 10, 20 or 30 minute massage?

A: 5 minutes of massage can be seen mainly at events. This massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders and back, to give the participants an idea of the efficiency of the Mobile Chi Massage for stress reduction and muscle relaxation. The 10 minutes massage will give an effective relaxation by focusing on the neck and shoulders, with the 20 minutes massages, arms and legs are incorporated. With 30 minutes there is also focus on stress points and the head.


Q: How can I get a lighter or heavier massage?

A: Just tell your therapist during the massage as to how much pressure you would like to have applied. When you first get a massage, we apply a lighter massage. Everyone feels stress and anxiety differently, so please tell if you would like a firmer or lighter massage. You should feel relaxed and comfortable.


Q: Why am I so tired after a massage?

A: Deep relaxation is often confused with tiredness. However, they are quite different. The tiredness you feel after a massage, body and soul is to benefit from the revitalizing relaxation. Enjoy this feeling of a minute or two. Breathe deeply and take in the refreshing vitality too. By the time you arrive at your workplace, you feel awake, alert, focused. Massages are so efficient that the effect can last up to 24 hours to 1 week.


Mobile Chi massage at your company


* Price variations: Prices vary by several factors, such as Location, size and position of the frequency of visits. In repeated visits by company-sponsored positions, discounts are granted.

Furthermore, we provide all registered non-profit organization a 10% discount.

Company sponsored: The preferred way with the world's leading companies keep their jobs without any stress. The company / owner pays 100% of the cost of massage. The company books the therapist by the hour, the employee may be needed to massage these days. Hereby, the highest employee participation is obtained.

Co-payment: The Company / the owners and staff share the cost of massage. This way a high employee participation is obtained.

Employees sponsored: Employees pay the cost of massage. A forward plan must be developed.

Our prices include:

Transport to your company, workplace or event

Set-up and dismantling of the device

Licensed, certified medical spa and massage therapist !

Discounts are offered for large or ongoing positions, such as at companies who will hire the services permanently for fixed dates. These orders are either fully sponsored or supported by companies to employees. Your employees will thank you, the convenience of "on site" to use massage. You will have rejuvenated , motivated employees.


Q: Do I have to tip?

A: Trick funds are voluntary, neither expected nor necessary. However, tips are a nice way to show your therapist that you were satisfied with the massage.


Q: When is a massage not recommended?

Our clients will fill out a questionnaire before the massage and will be asked by the therapist about acute pain or medical condition.

There are some conditions that should not be massaged with a classical massage, for example Osteoporosis or Parkinson, but are fine with the Breuss Massage.