The sound bowl  (Tibetan bowl, healing bowl, singing bowl)

The sound bowl is used in the individual massage to loosen hard to reach muscles, to enhance relaxation or to dissolve blockages. However, at this time a full body massages using different sound bowls cannot be offered.

The sound bowls (Tibetan bowl) works through its resonances, frequencies, overtones and vibrations. The human body is composed of up to100 trillion of cells. During a treatment, the sound and vibrations of the bowl reach every single cell of the body. Therefore, it also effects hard to reach places, where the hand or other devices cannot reach.

Singing bowls produce a uniquely warm vibration that feels great. They produce a clear fundamental tone that sounds as pleasant as any musical instrument. The harmonic overtones interact with our nervous system. The combination of the smooth vibration, warm fundamental tone and singing overtones makes listening to singing bowls a very unique experience.

During therapy brainwaves will renew the neurons in your brain and create serotonin which is known as a neurotransmitter and as the feel-good hormone. The influence the sound bowl has on our cells has been measured. During a treatment, the immunoglobin (antibodies) levels in our blood are significally increased. This is a great boost for the immune system. At the moment the sound bowl massage is also used on patients with Parkinson, Dementia and cancer patients to clear the side-effects of the chemotherapy.


Just like Music Therapy is a field that uses sound as a way to trigger our own healing mechanisms in the body, the singing bowl can be used as such as well. Many studies have shown that certain types of sound or music elicit many states of mind, from anxiety to relaxation, from anger to joy. So singing bowls also do have a therapeutic effect on those who use them regularly, with knowledge of what sounds affect the body in particular ways. The bowls just vibrate, we absorb and direct those vibrations to heal, or relax, or change our mood, they can be used in many different ways.