The Dorn Therapy

The sick back is to be pressed


The Dorn Spinal Method is a treatment procedure in which spinal and joint pains, but also complaints that relate to internal organs, can be alleviated and in some cases even eliminated altogether.


The spine is the central part of our musculoskeletal system. From there,  the spinal nerves that supply almost all the organs of our body, branch off. If a vortex moves or presses on the nerves exiting at this point, you may have problems in the organ to which it supplies. Pain and disease are often the result.


Dieter Dorn from Bavaria has taught and applied the method for 36 years. It is based on feeling the deviations on the back with the thumb. Ideally, the vertebrae are exactly vertically stacked. So the treatment consists of applying gentle pressure to again redirect misplaced vertebrae. In returning the joints in the right position motion plays an important role. This means that the patient performs arm and leg vibrations in order to avoid possible damage to tendons and ligaments during the Dorn Method. In addition, the patient learns support exercises  to be used at home for successful treatment.


After the vortex has moved into its natural position, this has a positive influence on the body region assigned. Often the client is pain free after the first treatment, the basis for maximum flexibility and optimum energy flow is again recovered. The cure that Dorn uses here, joins clearly the effect of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Application of the spine therapy is the treatment of various musculoskeletal disorders such as



Backbone shifts (scoliosis)

Pelvic obliquity

Joint and back pain



Gastro-intestinal problems




Kidney disease

Menstrual cramps


......just to name a few.


Important to the success of the therapy is that the patient is active and repeats the taught exercises at home.

A very good preparation for the Dorn Method is the Breuss massage and it is recommended to combine these therapies.

An average treatment takes 45-60 minutes, with Breuss-massage about 90 minutes.