The wellness lymphatic drainage


With its many physical and aesthetic benefits this mesotherapy technique is probably one of the most popular massages.  The lymphatic system gets stroked in a certain order with gentle pushing the lymph fluid in a specific direction. This massage stimulates the lymphatic flow and blood circulation which then help the body to eliminate toxins and excess fluids. It is important to keep the lymphatic system in best condition as it is necessary for the immune system to work properly.

The lymphatic drainage is recommended for:



Circulation problems


Water retention


Excess toxins (like after an illness)



If desired the treatment maybe enhanced with aromatic oils to stimulate the other senses as well.  If you would like to have the lymphatic drainage for aesthetic reason, please read the “Ladies only” section.  To tone up your skin, more than one session is necessary.



DO NOT try this massage yourself.  A lymphatic drainage should only be carried out through a trained professional!